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Cement Australia collaboration and development manager, Ian Norvock, said the company wanted a fully integrated HRIS, addressing the full gamut of HR transactions, learning and development and performance management while also analysing Intranet usage.

He said the company also wanted to leverage existing investments in the SAP ERP system and IBM Lotus Domino infrastructure.

Cement Australia engaged IBM business partner Eos Solutions to build a portal that would streamline management processes and make appropriate HR information available to staff.  ...

HR RAFT was built on IBM Web Content Management, Lotus Domino and Lotus Enterprise Integrator to simplify management tasks and provide a flexible framework for future projects.

"This environment delivered a secure framework to leverage existing business applications and SAP master data throug a user-friendly Web interface, addressing both HR and iServices top priorities for the project," he said.
Link: CIO Australia: Cement Australia creates its own fully automated HR system  >

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