CIO Insight discusses the concept of presence awareness, and its applicability in different IT organizations.  The article challenges IT staff to consider the philosophy of being "always on".

In an age where employees are more able to work remotely, improved communication among coworkers is a good thing. And it's not unreasonable for companies to track employee productivity. But before installing a formal presence-awareness system, consider how your company will truly benefit--and how best to get employees to support it.
The article goes on to discuss ways of gaining acceptance for presence awareness, and how to look at privacy issues.  The recommendation:
To gain support for presence awareness, go grass roots. Let employees adopt it at their own pace--and give them the power to control what information about them is shared.
This is the same approach that has "sold" business instant messaging in and of itself in many organizations.  Sametime was not "rolled out" at IBM -- it grew virally.  I'll never forget the inflection moment for me.  A discussion was taking place as to whether the first ship of iNotes Web Access (now Domino Web Access) should be a "feature release" called 5.1, or whether it should be delivered as part of the 5.0.8 maintenance release.  I was responsible for Notes/iNotes marketing at the time, and believed it should be a 5.1 version number.  Had support from several people, including Al Zollar himself.  Late one afternoon, I stepped out at about 4:30 to go pick something up at the store.  Returning to my home office 20 minutes later, my inbox contained an e-mail to several people, which said "based on our discussion, iNotes will ship as 5.0.8", with a few more details.  I couldn't figure out what discussion was being referred to.  Simply, in that short 20 minutes, an impromptu meeting had convened, and since I was "not online", they assumed I wasn't available.  Nobody ever thought to call my cell phone to see if I could join the discussion.  Instead they grabbed someone else from marketing, someone not fully aware of the versioning discussion, and the rest is history.  (Footnote: Within 24 hours after releasing iNotes Web Access in 5.0.8, I had an apology from those who disagreed saying that it would probably have been best to do it as a 5.1.  Ah well.  If we had presence awareness back then, someone would have found me online via Sametime Everyplace or a Blackberry or whatever.  At least I'd hope so.)

Getting back to the article, it goes on to discuss Intellicare's use of Lotus Sametime.
For some companies, presence awareness can provide obvious value. At Intellicare, a South Portland, Maine-based medical-services outsourcer, presence awareness is key to its operations, says Jeff Forbes, the company's CIO.
 Great story, but one which has been profiled before.  Surely there must be some other companies out there leveraging Sametime/Sametime Everyplace for presence awareness that want to talk about it?

The article concludes with some futures views, including mention of how IBMers leverage Sametime 7.5's location services to find out simple things like the nearest network printer locations.

Overall, a good article covering the state of the market with presence awareness, and gee, not a single mention of certain competitors.  Nice.

Link: CIO Insight: Wireless: Do you know where your employees are? > (Thanks, Greg)

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