Wow, could it be a mis-match between hype and reality?

The cash-strapped City of Los Angeles government may have shunned Microsoft for Google's cloud-based apps, but an April 13 inter-departmental letter indicates that performance issues with Google Apps have consistently frustrated pilot users.
And what has frustrated those users?  Let's look at the City memo:
At the meeting many of the departments expressed concerns about both the performance and the functionality of the new system. Performance concerns focused on the slowness with which e-mails were sent, received and accessed in the new system. Functionality concerns focused on features currently available in GroupWise that are unavailable, or significantly different, in Google's system. Further, the Los Angeles Police Department indicated that several security issues have yet to be resolved, and that a pilot of its technical support staff must be successfully completed before it can be expanded to the rest of the LAPD. Some pilot participants also identified new capabilities that were not available to City staff using GroupWise, including collaboration tools, chat, and compatibility with a wider range of mobile devices."
Wow.  This ought to be interesting.

Link: Google to Live or Die in LA? >

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