Suntel is one of the main telcos in Sri Lanka, with 550,000 customers, and are adopting IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, Sametime, Symphony:

IBM announced today that Suntel, a Sri Lankan based telecommunications provider, has selected IBM Lotus software to create a collaborative environment to improve the way employees work together in any mode at any time, raising employee performance and cost-efficiency.

Suntel chose to move from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to IBM Lotus suite of products because of flexibility, reliability and cost, said a press release.

Under the agreement signed in 2008, Suntel is deploying the enterprise-wide software consisting of Lotus Notes and Domino and Lotus Sametime for unified communications and collaboration and Lotus Symphony document, spreadsheet, and presentation tools to its employees, the release added.

Moving to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook has reduced software licensing costs by about 50 per cent for Suntel. ...

"We are sure that IBM Lotus Notes and Domino solution will give us a secure and scalable collaboration environment for future growth and development at a lower cost of ownership," said Dr. Tariq Marikar, director, Product Development and CIO, Suntel Ltd.
Link: Suntel bids adieu to Microsoft, embraces IBM >

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