There are several comments on yesterday's thread, as well as in e-mail, defending Microsoft and their partner Asentus for bouncing me from next week's Notes migration seminar.  After all, I didn't pay to attend a paid-for course, so why do I think I'm entitled to be there?

Let's be really clear on one thing -- I would happily have paid to attend this seminar.  The fact that I registered at zero cost was clearly an abberation, but one that is unacceptable in the age of e-commerce.  I had expected that someone at Microsoft's partner Asentus would catch the error much sooner, and we could have a useful discussion on application quality assurance, customer service, etc.  But the fact is, I received a registration confirmation, which last I checked is considered a valid contract.  In fact, I received two e-mails and four phone calls about this seminar after my free registration.  At no point did anyone mention that I needed to make good on the system error and pay to attend.

Thus, the reason I was so incensed yesterday was that I was summarily cancelled out of the class without an opportunity to even offer to make a payment.  This happened three working days before the class.  Again, remember, I've had several calls and e-mails in the last 30 days about this class -- at any time, someone could have said, "oh, we saw that your payment didn't register, could you please provide that to us now?" and I would have immediately paid  (though Christopher Byrne might argue that I legally had no obligation to do so).

Asentus had three chances yesterday to see the error of their ways.  In the e-mail thread, I offered over and over to make payment yesterday so that I could attend the session next week.  Asentus's rep refused to accept this, saying that the class was now full.  This is the part that made the whole thing so ridiculous -- summarily dropped from the class with no way to get back into it, all for a system error that wasn't my fault and apparently wasn't caught for 30 days.

I saw GaryDev's comment in the thread, and I also unsurprisingly received a phone call last night from Asentus, which I haven't had a chance to return yet.  Perhaps yet I'll have a chance to attend this session next week, if all involved (myself included) do the right thing.

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