CMSWatch has been a solid dose of SharePoint reality all year, and now comes in with a strong reality check:

Almost everyone licenses SharePoint at some level within their organization, almost everyone already uses legacy ECM systems. Almost no-one is planning replace these legacy systems with SharePoint.

Discussions with integrators and channel partners have also been consistent. The marked enthusiasm of the channel just a year back for SharePoint as a "Documentum or FileNet killer" has gone. In its place is the dawning reality that SharePoint is exceptionally good at a one thing -- group and department level document collaboration. It's not that it can't perform other services, it can - but they are not its sweet spot.

The other dimension -- which should have been abundantly clear a year ago -- is that you use SharePoint primarily for Microsoft Office documents (hence the name Microsoft Office SharePoint Services) and not for all the other content types and structures a typical enterprise encounters.
Or, as Sean Burgess said, "more like File Server 2.0 than an app platform".

The article goes on to examine where buyers do, or do not, choose to implement SharePoint -- echoing a thought in our segment of the market, that replacing like with like doesn't usually make much sense.

Link: CMSWatch: Three continents, one SharePoint story > (Via Lance)

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