Articles about Exchange 14 have been trickling out for the last six or eight weeks, but every one is more confusing than the last.  Today's CNET article from Ina Fried continues the double-talk.  Microsoft continues to say things like

"If you walk by the site of a skyscraper under construction, it looks chaotic," Microsoft corporate VP Rajesh Jha said in an interview last week. "It looks confused. You will see dirt, scaffolding."
while maintaining that for those using Microsoft's Exchange Labs offering and other services, this "chaotic" product under development is ready for use today:
That's because, although the server version of Exchange 14 won't come out until next year, millions of people are already using a hosted service powered by an early version of Exchange 14.
But what is this thing, anyway?
In a sense, Exchange 14 isn't really a new piece of software as it is a bunch of updates to the Exchange Online service. "Then we collapse them and build a server," Jha said.
So if this is the Exchange Online service, becoming a server, does that mean yet another rip-and-replace migration looms for Exchange customers?  And when?
"The way we do production and testing has really changed in a dramatic way," Jha said. "The release time frame has become so compressed."
I'm sure they are realizing they can do much better than a feature release and a point release over a nine-year stretch, as has been the case with the current generation of Exchange.  But the reference point is wrong:
Jha explains that he moves frequently and his goal was to get his office contents such that they take only one box to pack. (He narrowly missed that goal in his last office shuffle three months ago.)

"I'm moving again next month," Jha said.
In the era of globalization, faster response times, and virtual teams, why is a Microsoft VP spending so much time in the old metaphor of the Office, and office moves, to begin with?  Maybe he should try breaking some windows instead.

Link: CNET: Building Exchange 14: Service now, server later > (Via Jim C)

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