I can see the marketing campaign now...

In user testing, Microsoft found that nine out of every 10 features that customers wanted to see added to Office were already in the program.

"They simply don't know it's there," Chris Capossela, a Microsoft vice president, told a developer crowd last week. "It's just too hard to find it."
Office 12 -- the features you've wanted, found after years of searching!

The rest of the article is a good discussion of the upcoming UI makeover in Office 12, the risks and challenges associated with the change.  I resemble this remark:
Although the design changes are meant to increase efficiency, Gartenberg cautioned that there may be a period of lessened productivity as workers play around with all of the new options. Such was the case in the 1980s, he recalled, when he and others first had the ability to easily change fonts and sizes.

"I think everyone went through that period, none of which was terribly productive," Gartenberg said. "Exposure to more features does not necessarily indicate more productivity."
Yeah, I used to think it was cool to have 200 fonts on my PC... I use five of them.

Link: CNET News.com: Office 12 makeover takes on 'feature creep' >  (Thanks, Rob)

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