This is a really interesting article which discusses ways to optimize the life of your laptop battery.  I just had to buy a new battery because my previously-four-hour battery had dropped to about 90 minutes.  Now I know why.

One thing I still haven't been able to do, after two years with an extended life battery, is change my mindset about always having to find a power outlet.  I don't know why I am stuck thinking I need to be "plugged in" even with a long-life battery.  With wifi for my home network and at Starbucks, I'm getting better about cutting the cord, but I still ultimately have some kind of weird internal angst if I am not running the laptop on AC power.  Which is, apparently, the wrong mindset:

"Leaving a notebook charged all the time is not a good idea," said Andrew Bradner, senior product manager for American Power Conversion, a maker of charging devices. To keep the battery able to hold a charge, it is best to use the battery and wall current alternately to run the laptop.

According to Michelle Thatcher, a senior associate editor at, if you use only wall current to run the device, you should remove the laptop's battery to prevent it from being constantly charged and becoming overheated.
Read the full article for other tips.

Link: CNET Tips on batery life, reviving the dead > (Thanks, Randy)

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