ok, I know it's off topic, but I still find marketing scams approaches fascinating...

New reduced-sugar versions of popular children's breakfast cereals -- everything from Froot Loops to Frosted Flakes -- certainly sound promising, but consumers might want to hold off chiming in when Tony the Tiger says, "They're Gr-r-reat!" ....

Officials at General Mills, Kellogg's and Post were unable to explain why the new cereals are a better choice, but noted they give consumers more options about how much sugar they eat.
I remember looking at a box of the "reduced sugar" Froot Loops....comparing it to the regular Froot Loops -- and seeing that the calorie count was exactly the same.  At least I'm not the only one who was skeptical -- I wonder how long these "reduced-sugar" versions will last.

I'm sure my non-American readers are looking at this and thinking "Gee, Americans sure are gullible!"
Link: CNN: Experts: Lower-sugar cereal no advantage >

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