I can't decide whether my reaction is "I must be really out of touch" or "snail mail? who cares?"

It will cost Americans 2 cents more to mail a letter starting Sunday. First-class postage rises to 39 cents for the first ounce.
Confession time -- I almost totally missed this news.  And I still read a printed newspaper almost every day.  For the four or five stamps I use in a typical month, it's not like this is a major impact on my budget... Still, I can remember when postage increases were front page news.  I was looking through old stamp collections (call me a geek) the other day, noticing the year (1981) when rates went from 13¢ to 15¢ to 18¢, all in one year.  So 39 cents?  How exciting.

Link: cnn.com: Postage rates rise >

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