Cold call from Unify

October 6 2008

A lot of people have been looking for me through various connection methods today, so when my phone showed a series of incoming calls via my published IBM phone number, I eventually broke down and answered it.  On the other end, calling through the central IBM phone number, was "Drew" from Unify.  I was instantly on alert -- since Unify is of late on the Microsoft payroll providing migration tools from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft platform.  Here's the conversation:

Drew: Have you heard of Unify?
Me: Why, yes, I have.
Drew: Ah, cool.  Do you use Lotus Notes in your organization?
Me: Why, yes, I work for IBM, we make Lotus Notes.
Drew: Oh, I see.  (pauses)  So, you wouldn't be looking to migrate that to the Microsoft platform?
Me: (pauses, stunned)
Me:  Not in this lifetime. (hangs up)

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