Burton Group's Peter O'Kelly shares some initial thoughts about Lotusphere.  It was great to see how active the Burton team (O'Kelly Gotta, and Hobert) were throughout the conference -- they seemed to be everywhere, though I never had more than a few minutes to chat with them.  Now I get to find out what they thought -- and Peter's part 1 article seems quite positive:

The first chapter of collaboration competition between IBM and Microsoft was dominated by Lotus Notes/Domino.  While enterprise messaging competition was much more intense, Microsoft wasn't able to effectively respond to Notes/Domino for collaboration until it delivered recent releases of SharePoint.  IBM Lotus also benefitted Microsoft by confusing the market about its strategy for Notes, Domino, Sametime, and Workplace during the first half of this decade, leading many to wonder if Microsoft would leapfrog IBM for enterprise collaboration as well as enterprise messaging.  With the success of Lotusphere 2007, however, IBM Lotus has started the second chapter, with a product strategy and family that successfully exploit historical strengths such as Notes/Domino and WebSphere Portal while also introducing new offerings that are likely to make IBM Lotus a leader in emerging as well as traditional enterprise collaboration contexts.
Peter is on a very important point here.  While some other analysts seem to be focused on creating attention-getting firestorms around the old messaging "seats wars", that's so last decade.  The "second chapter" is where the business value lies -- collaborative capabilities at an enterprise and extended enterprise level.  I've been saying for months that an e-mail for e-mail's sake switch isn't going to generate any value to an organization, and it seems the market concurs.  Lotusphere was about evolving or introducing several new capabilities to take collaboration on a fast forward ride -- powered through open architectures, componentized capabilities, and significant innovation.

Link: Collaboration Loop/Peter O'Kelly: Lotusphere 2007 Impressions: IBM Versus Microsoft >

Update: Also see Mike Gotta's comments as they pertain to Peter's write-up.

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