Hi everyone.   Wow, my first blog entry on the famous edbrill.com, oh the pressure!  I guess this does help prove we are not the same person though, since I am not on vacation!

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Alan Lepofsky and I work on the Lotus Strategy team.  We are a group that does research into what is going on in the market, studies trends, works with Lotus Research, speaks to lots of customers and analysts, makes predictions for the future, and hopefully guides Lotus products (current and future) down the right path.  I love my job.

Since my own blog is mainly focused on Lotus Notes, I'd like to take this guest blogging opportunity to discuss some of the things I work on in Strategy.   Over the next few posts I will be writing about Social Networking (sites like Facebook), collaboration attributes in the gaming world, and the use of new forms of richer content (such as podcasts, videos, etc) in the business world.

For my first post, I wanted something that would be very interactive.  So, I am going to ask you, the community, to provide feedback on a slide that is used in the Lotus Strategy presentation.  In order to make sure we are on the same page with the customers we speak to, we begin our talks with the following questions to set the mood of the discussion.

Image:Is Your Business Asking The Following Questions? - How can our company foster innovation, so that good ideas don't get buried?
- How do we help our employees maximize their effectiveness, so we can get the most out of our "human capital"?
- How do we prepare and embrace the social trends of today's business environment?
- How can we capture, share, and reuse best practices for our business processes?
- How can we collaborate with larger communities both internally and externally?

Now understand, our strategy pitch is not about specific products such as Notes, Sametime, Quickr, etc.  Rather, it is aimed at talking to CxOs about their business, highlight Lotus' understanding of their needs, and showcase how our leadership in these areas can help them address their requirements.

So my question to you is, are these questions in line with the high level business conversations that are going on in your company or with your customers?  If not, what are the main business issues (specific to collaboration) that you are facing?  Again, please keep this high level not product specific.   Let the discussion begin!

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