...be writing on edbrill.com next week (or the week after)!

I said the other day that I would come up with some kind of thank you for those of you who can manage to get to the 7 AM blogging community birds-of-a-feather on Thursday.  Since Lotusphere rules prevent me from doing a giveaway or a drawing, I had to get really creative.

So, I'm going to make this offer.  For up to five participants who bring good topics to the BoF, they'll "win" a day as a guest blogger on edbrill.com.  My hope would be that we could give broader visibility to some voices from Lotusphere -- perhaps conference summaries or explanation of something really cool learned at Lotusphere.

The guest blogging slots will be Monday to Friday, either next week or the week after (have to give that some more thought).  Of course the offer is non-transferable, and the odds of me choosing one of the Microsoft employees attending Lotusphere are slim and none.  But let's have some fun with the idea.

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