An overview of the Workplace Services Express offering.  I'm not sure I'd position Workplace Services Express as a "junior" offering to Notes/Domino -- they are part of a product line, serving different market segments.  Other than that, a useful market analysis:

As the junior counterpart to the more established Notes/Domino platform, Workplace certainly faces several uphill challenges. For instance, while Workplace consists of a collection of separate offerings for each of the functions, IBM claims its offering is more integrated than Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, and related products.

Yet until recently, Workplace was largely sold as separate offerings that, ironically, are shipped together but only turned on with software keys. Going forward, IBM is striving to emphasize the integrated nature of Workplace, but is walking a fine line so that it does not turn off prospects that might only be interested in web document workflow sharing.
Link: Computer Business Review: IBM's Workplace Express starts to surface >

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