In the category of "wishful thinking"...

Regarding the corporate messaging and groupware space, Loiacono said there are two parts to it - one for the client side and one for the backend.

"On the backend we are very much a player [and] our business is doing quite well in that space," he said. "We just did a several million mailbox replacement of Exchange at Verizon to our platform, JES messaging server. When you talk about the client side, the enterprise is really hard to penetrate. If you don't talk Outlook, you're in trouble."
Several million mailboxes -- sources say that he is referring to Verizon Wireless and their subscribers, which isn't exactly corporate messaging.  I can't remember the last time I saw Sun in a competitive corporate messaging bid -- and their share in the corporate space is among the <4% that Gartner labels "other".

Link: Computerworld Australia: Sun's software chief eyes databases, groupware > (via Peter O'Kelly)

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