Australia's Griffith University deploys Sametime...

In an effort to facilitate collaboration with third parties, Griffith University in Queensland has started a messaging and groupware upgrade for its 6000 staff and postgraduate research students.

The university's manager of identity and messaging services in enterprise information systems, John Scullen, said the main driver for the project is to "get beyond organizational boundaries".

"Universities are all about networks, not hierarchies [and] we are hoping to address these difficulties quicker," Scullen said.

Having chosen IBM's Lotus Notes messaging system back in 2001, this project will involve an upgrade to the SameTime IM service and integration with other enterprise applications.

"One of the major drivers for upgrading to SameTime is the ability to integrate with public IM networks like Google Talk," Scullen said. "We are planning on enabling students to contact our service desk using IM and it could also be used for consultations with academic staff as another avenue for learning. Integration with public networks means students can continue to use their existing IM client of choice."
Article goes on to cover why they chose Notes in the first place, what they've developed since deploying Notes, and some honest comments about their direction.

Link: Computerworld Australia: Uni extends messaging platform to public IM  >

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