Computerworld covers the announcement of Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections, both shipping next week:

As part of a new "Web 2.0 Goes to Work" initiative, the IBM tools will bring popular consumer Web 2.0 technologies like blogs, wikis and social networks to the enterprise, said Rod Smith, IBM's vice president of emerging technologies. The new software should help companies more easily brainstorm and collaborate with partners and customers about business content, he said.

"[Enterprises] would like to get closer to customers ... to be able to collaborate with them on ideas and projects," Smith said. "We've now figured out the suites that need to be integrated so people can unlock their information and use it in ways they couldn't before."

The new Lotus Quickr 8 team collaboration tool helps companies use blogs, wikis and team space templates to share business documents and access libraries through plug-ins, IBM said. Quickr 8 will be available June 29. ...

IBM today also announced that Lotus Connections is now available. ...

In addition, IBM introduced Info 2.0, a new suite of tools for customizing and linking Web and enterprise data into mashups, which are applications created by linking different data sources, such as Google Maps and weather reports. For many companies, mashups are seen as the "last mile" in building a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Smith said.
More coverage coming over the next 24 hours, and there's a small blogger Q&A with Rod Smith tomorrow.  Should be cool.

Link: Computerworld: IBM bringing Web 2.0 to corporate workers >

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