Last week's news of the ISO approving the Open Document Format  was good news for future document interoperability.  But the paraphrased opening assertion from Microsoft in this Computerworld article is hilarious -- in what other industry in the world are standards viewed as a hinderance to innovation?

To coalesce around a single standard would hinder innovation, said Jason Matusow, Director of Standards Affairs for Microsoft.

"There are hundreds of industry-specific XML schemas used right now by industries spanning health care, real estate, insurance, finance and others. ODF is yet another XML-based format in the market," he said. "The ODF format is limited to the features and performance of OpenOffice and StarOffice and would not satisfy most of our Microsoft Office customers today. Yet we will support interoperability with ODF documents as they start to appear and will not oppose its standardization or use by any organization. The richness of competitive choices in the market is good for our customers and for the industry as a whole."
Sounds like it's time for the old "If Microsoft made cars" saw.  

Link: Computerworld: ISO approves Open Document Format as standard >

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