An interesting Lotusphere "person on the street" article.  What I found to be most positive is what isn't in the article -- there's no questioning of the future of Notes, no comments about confusion in product roadmap, no "Microsoft is going to take over the world" thought.  As I said in sessions yesterday, the thought that Notes is dead is dead.

There is one bit of the article worth quoting:

He particularly liked a feature in Notes 7 that allows an e-mail to be pulled back after it has been sent to another Notes/Domino system. "That's a good feature that they're finally adding," Tincher said.
Well..... that feature is not in Notes 7.  It's a feature announced this week, coming in Domino Next/"Hannover".

Link: ComputerWorld: Lotusphere 2006: Users scour the show for answers, tools >

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