The "open source" reference in the title is to the Eclipse platform....  

The reporter captured the key point of the interview -- that Sametime is a real-time platform, not just chat and meetings.

The new version has 150 new features, says Brill. One of his favourites is the location-based awareness feature. When logging-in to Sametime, Brill's location is displayed in his profile information, informing colleagues, for example, that he won't be available for a meeting in Chicago because he is in New Zealand. The buddy-list user interface also displays location specific services, such as available printers and meeting rooms, and what is on the menu in the staff canteen -- if there is one, he says. ...

Another plug-in that "IBMers" use internally is Skill Tap, which tries to find out who can best answer a question, says Brill. A user can send off a question that will go back to the server, where the application tries to find an expert who can answer the question by using information in the corporate directory. When it makes a match it will check if that person is online, and then notify the person who asked the question.

The plug-ins add new collaboration capabilities to Sametime, thus enabling users to collaborate more smartly and increase productivity, says Brill. That is what differentiates Sametime from other IM networks, he says.
Link: ComputerWorld NZ: Open source Sametime 7.5 allows more flexible use >

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