Congratulations and welcome to Steve Castledine, the newest member of the Lotus development organisation!  I've known Steve for the last three years, ever since he launched his Dominoblog template, which I've used for since Steve first shipped.  He's a passionate and skilled developer, and I'm pleased to have his talents on our team.

In the coming weeks, it will be interesting to watch how Steve and his template are integrated into upcoming Notes/Domino work.  I'm sure he has some bright ideas for the future.

There's something else interesting about Steve joining the Notes/Domino team.  Steve's resume/CV is obvious to anyone looking at the proliferation of Dominoblog sites.  Here we have quality work being leveraged throughout the community (whether published on someone's own site or somplace like, which leads to someone being hired on for future Notes work (and not just by IBM!).  I know it's not a new concept to say that one's online presence is part of their resume/CV, but for many people in the Notes/Domino community, their work speaks for itself.  I recently offered to be a reference for someone whose "professional" work I've never seen, simply because their community work has been outstanding.

I wasn't really involved in the process that lead to Steve's good news, but I am very pleased with the outcome.  The Notes/Domino development team has hundreds of incredibly skilled and innovative professionals...and now has one more.  Oh and Steve -- keep blogging.  I think the community will be quite interested to see how your new role plays out in the months ahead.

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