Big news out today -- Alan Lepofsky has accepted a new role as Director of Marketing at Socialtext.

This is a huge opportunity for Alan, from the perspective of applying the skills gained from a variety of product, channel, and strategy roles at IBM Lotus, and also in making the move to a big role in a small company.  The added bonus for Alan is working with a talented group of people, including Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee and reporting directly to an "Enterprise 2.0" legend in Ross Mayfield.

In the last ten years, I've come to know Alan both professionally and personally.  As a colleague I am disappointed to be losing his talents and insight from the IBM team, but as a friend I am proud of Alan for making the next move and growing his career. 

Alan's contributions to the IBM Lotus business over the last ten years have been immeasurable.  Many know Alan as a visible member of the Lotus community -- a speaker during Lotusphere keynotes and breakouts, user groups and IBM conferences; constant contributor to the "" and Business Partner discussion forums; Penumbra "Prism" award winner; and, of course, passionate blogger.  What is less well-known externally are his contributions to Lotus's business and technical strategy over the last ten+ years.  Alan has had direct influence on successful projects in our partner/channels organization, business strategy, and technical direction.  I can honestly say I've never worked with someone as passionate as Alan -- he is always willing to push for what is needed, even when that might be unpopular or politically challenging.  As recently as last week, I saw him updating strategy documents, conducting brainstorming sessions, and pushing for more Notes technical integration. 

Alan's influence has been felt in every part of the IBM Lotus organization, and the community, and clearly, all of that will be missed.  I'm sure for many of you, it feels like we're losing part of the family.  Still, this is a great move for Alan's career, and I am confident he will be incredibly successful where he can make decisions and act quickly.  I can't think of any place better for Alan to make the move to a small company.  I believe we will all have a court-side seat to watch Alan's career moving to the next level, as he is wired to continue to blog, speak, and post from his new vantage point.

Congratulations, Alan!

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  1. 1  Karl-Henry Martinsson |

    Congratulations, Alan! Good luck, I will miss you. Hopefully you will still be around at Lotusphere. I also hope you will still keep up your excellent blog, I have been sending those tips to many of our users.

  1. 2  Bruce Elgort |



  1. 3  Boudewijn |

    Congratulations Alan.... Saw you speak in Amsterdam last June...

    Greetings Boudewijn..

    ED.. Tanks for charing this news...

  1. 4  Simon Scullion |

    I guess this finally puts to bed the Alan = Ed myth...!? :-)

  1. 5  Ed Brill |

    @4 I've really enjoyed getting to know Ross Mayfield and the Socialtext team since they were at Lotusphere 2008... LOL

    but yes, hopefully we won't see any more IBMers calling me "Alan" now <grin>

  1. 6  Turtle |

    Shoulda seen something coming from his twittering the last couple of days.

  1. 7  Mike Robinson |

    Wow, that's huge news. I'm sad to see Alan moving on from IBM, it's becoming more and more rare to find individuals that go back to the Smartsuite area of Lotus (when 123 *was* the flagship product) and all the way through the many permutations of the company/brand. Alan is a superior CLASS act (and if there were fonts allowed I'd make CLASS bigger).

    Anyway, I guess this will dispell the urban legend that Ed and Alan are one in the same.

    All the best!

  1. 8  Jeff Picco  |

    OMG I love Alan. That's a huge loss for Lotus. I know he will do well where ever he goes.

  1. 9  Mike Sweeney |

    He will be missed!! Good for him.

  1. 10  Mike Mottola  |

    All the best. Socialtext has made a wise decision as Alan was a major contributor to the successes enjoyed at Lotus.

    I am sure you will be a star in your new position as you were in all of your previous ventures.

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