I'm sure that if Chris Reckling weren't off skiing, he'd have written this blog entry... but good news like this just can't wait.  The Lotus Notes 8 Design Team just won a huge IBM internal award -- the IBM Software Group Consumability Excellence Award.  The definition on this award, which is given by Steve Mills, is:

Consumability means providing our clients with products and solutions that not only meet their functional requirements, but that can also be easily evaluated, purchased, procured, installed, used and maintained throughout the product's lifecycle. Highly consumable products and solutions delight clients and drive revenue growth.
The award recognizes their accomplishments in building and delivering a world-class user interface for Lotus Notes 8.  Some of you helped the team's nomination -- quotes from various press and bloggers were used as supporting evidence.  

The entire team of ten, including Mary Beth Raven and many of the guest bloggers who have appeared on her site, was recognized in an e-mail from Steve Mills to the entire software group organization, along with full coverage of the award on the IBM Intranet.  All of us who work with this team are very proud and know how hard the team worked -- it is great to see this kind of recognition of the passion and commitment of the design team.  Congrats to the Design Team!

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