Craig is riffing on the earlier discussion this week around IBM and the Domino development community...

All these threads have 2 basic themes in running throughout the comments: Has IBM ignored the Domino development community? and, Is it time for the Domino developers out there to grow up?

Both of these are coming out of the same conversation because I think we are at a point where, in order to improve, we, as Domino developers have to grow up. To put it simply, we need to examine our practices using Rapid Application Development (RAD).
He sums up neatly some of the interesting discussion of the last few days.  I promise you, from some of the e-mails and conversations I've had, these discussions were not just an exercise in letting everyone vent and then it's all going to be what it always was.  

But it's not all on IBM shoulders at this point, much as I personally want to get involved.  Craig goes on:
I'm going to generalize to make a point here, is that Domino developers need to grow up and get serious. I am 100% convinced that the reason that Domino as a development platform isn't taken seriously is almost completely the fault of the people doing it.
Well that's provocative.  Craig is ultimately picking up on some of the questions Nathan was asking -- about the rigor around developing, testing, and deploying Notes/Domino applications.  

Well worth a read.  Link: Craig Schumann: RAD: The Reason the Domino Development Platform Isn't Taken Seriously? >

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