A thoughtful analysis of the folly of discussing Notes application migration in the first place:

It's the migration tool that raised my eyebrows... it's one of those things that sounds really nice on the face of it, but doesn't matter at all. The "popular templates that ship with Lotus Notes" are the tip of the iceberg. In my experience, more often than not these templates are just convenient starting points for custom applications. Microsoft may offer a migration tool for the templates that ship, but this says absolutely nothing about the difficulty of migrating the data that actually exists in your datacenter. And what of migrating commercial apps that use Domino as a platform? I tend to think that the true "migration tool" here is the propaganda value of such a statement when presented to prospective converts.    ....

E-mail is a fraction of what Domino is all about. In fact, if e-mail is all you're using Domino for, you aren't getting full value from it. It's a bit like buying a four-wheel-drive pickup truck just to get back and forth to church. The Notes/Domino combination allows truly seamless collaboration. Microsoft has no comparable product.
The article concludes with the rhetorical question -- why bother migrating apps?

Link: Craitchit.org news: Microsoft pushes Domino >

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