Kathy Sierra wonders why the industry has endured a decades-long norm of all conference t-shirts being men's XL size:

How are you helping your users kick ass?

I put "helping them look good" in the "kicking ass" category.

But that's not even the point. The point is showing us that you care about more than just saving a few bucks on a t-shirt print run. That you care about ALL your users, not just the Big Burly Men. And even if you do not care, you'd think the marketers would get a clue that people aren't going to be wearing your logo around giving you free advertising if the shirt doesn't fit.
Unfortunately, her blog entry was a few days too late to influence the official Lotusphere 2007 t-shirts (though I did try!).  Which is too bad, because Lotusphere does seem to have a higher female:male ratio than other tech conferences, and a smaller percentage of men actually needing those XL t-shirts.  Perhaps some enterprising product showcase vendor is still thinking about schwag....

Link: Creating Passionate Users: Tech t-shirts aren't sexy enough > (Good on ya, Gregg)

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