Cristian writes of his fondness for IBM's Swiftfile tool for Lotus Notes...

I'm trying to love Notes mail folders, and I must say that one handy tool is helping me a lot: its name is SwiftFile ! (SwiftFile 4.0 for IBM Lotus Notes 8.0 , [part number] C1436EN)

In my opinion, SwiftFile is a great utility for managing mail folders, although it is a not well-known utility among Notes users, many people don't even know it exists. ...

Anyway, SwiftFile is very handy because it "learns" how to manage you Inbox messages and then, for any open memo, it suggests which folders are likely to be chosen by the user, just showing folders name on top of the memo. Then the user make just one click on a folder name to move the memo inside that folder! Easy and fast!
From time to time, we get asked why Swiftfile isn't a part of the core Notes client.  The answer, which is a bit of an inward-looking one, is that SwiftFile has been developed in English only.  To ship it in the Notes client, it would have to be translated into all the languages in which Notes ships, and for all the client platforms.  In typing those sentences, I realize that there are a lot of responses you could offer (like, "how is that different than any other part of the Notes client?")...but this is the party line, and I'm just passing it along.

Anyway, it's worth checking Swiftfile out...if you are a folder kinda person (which your mail administrator will appreciate as well, since a lighter inbox improves Domino performance).  You can download Swiftfile from PassportAdvantage downloads (use the part number above).

Link: DominoBaloney: That handy little known tool for Notes mail... >

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