Looks like CRN has given their "channel champions" award to the competition.  I'd sure like the result to be different, but I can also see why CRN -- which focuses on resellers, ISVs, and the channel generally -- would give an award to a product that requires a lot of architecture and integration services.

Solid integration with the rest of Microsoft's ubiquitous Office stack, mature technology and strong opportunities for ancillary services make Microsoft's products the most attractive in this segment, according to resellers.
Still, they ding Lotus -- rightly and wrongly --
IBM's Workplace line, once positioned as the modern successor to its Lotus Notes/Domino platform, was officially killed off this year after much grumbling from users and partners fearing a forced migration. The misstep dinged IBM's reputation and let Microsoft take advantage of the confusion to build its own market share.

"Lotus Notes and Domino is basically an end-of-life product," said Ron Herardian, managing partner at Global System Services, Mountain View, Calif., a messaging and collaboration specialist that partners with IBM and Microsoft.
Hard to comment on that last quote without making it personal, but I have no idea what would lead Herardian to say that, especially with ten quarters of growth and a great new release coming out the door.  Disappointing that the reporter didn't try to validate or clarify the quote in some way.

At any rate, I believe actions and investments of the last few months have enhanced the chanel focus for Notes/Domino, and Lotus overall.  Why else would the product showcase for Lotusphere 2008 already be nearly sold out, just by taking sign-ups during Lotusphere 07?  Our ISV team has been very aggressive as we go into Notes/Domino 8.  More to do, though.

Link: CRN: 2007 CRN Channel Champions: Software >

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