Story of why one customer migrated from Exchange to Domino....

The first step was upgrading Chick's e-mail system and consolidating its Compaq servers running Microsoft software.

"We were on Microsoft Exchange and having multiple problems with that," Diebold said. "They [CCS] came to us and said, 'Now you have AS400, and [IBM Lotus] Domino is native on the 400.' They came with the recommendation to convert us to Lotus."

CCS replaced Chick's system with an IBM iSeries system running IBM Lotus Notes and Domino.

"We wanted less paper in the office and a more streamlined workflow that Domino would allow us to do when we got the resources and the time to implement those things," Diebold said.
Link: CRN: Demand Generator: Mitchell Kleinman, CCS Technology Solutions; The Client: Chick's Sporting Goods >

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