More on how Microsoft is viewing Lotus customers as pieces of meat ready to be "plucked" (see comment#4/5)...

While details were scarce, Witts said the company is especially eyeing accounts where Exchange Server can displace IBM/Lotus offerings and where market-leading Oracle databases could be replaced by SQL Server 2005, slated to officially launch in November. More details on partner help in Oracle accounts will be disclosed closer to the Yukon launch, he said.

Witts said he'd been in Europe all week with Hewlett Packard, Avanade and other partners calling on customer accounts running Notes. "What was an internal offer now becomes external. For every situation where we engage on Notes, there will be a bounty per desktop that can be used as discount or for business investment," he noted without providing details. The amount, apparently will vary, based on the "depth of opportunity," he said.
So now Lotus customers know why Microsoft business partners are suddenly so interested in Notes deployments -- they're being paid a head-hunter fee per user to do so!  How does that impact the value to your business of the proposal which will so directly enrich their business?

I've heard "bounty" numbers between $8 and $50 per user.  Sort of reduces the sincerity of the "we think this is the right move for you" line in the migration proposal, doesn't it?

Link: CRN: Microsoft To Turn Up Heat On Competitive IBM, Oracle Wins >

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