Crystal Geyser

July 5 2007

Among the zillions of brands of bottled water in the US, one of the more popular ones is Crystal Geyser.  This one has always sturuck me as a little odd, because it has a byline on the bottle -- "by CG Roxane".  Don't really know who Roxane is, but anyway.

Here in Nagoya yesterday, I bought a bottle of Crystal Geyser from a vending machine in the IBM office.  My assumption was that someone in Japan owned the brand and used it locally.  I was thus surprised to read that this was the same Crystal Geyser we drink in the US.

Why was I surprised?  The cost of a ½ liter bottle of Crystal Geyser in the Japanese vending machine was ¥100, or about 82 American cents.  In the US, the same bottled water in a vending machine would cost at least US$1.25, sometimes US$1.50...and it doesn't have to travel across the Pacific to get to me.

Lots more to write, but for now, I must catch the Nozomi back to Tokyo...

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