There must be something in the air today, as I've been playing defense all day.  I've had five phone calls, e-mails, forum requests or IMs asking for help defending a Notes environment, and it's only 3 PM CST.  (For the record, I've also had two offense requests, so it's not all bad).

Still, it seems like there's a lot of defending going on right now.  I debated whether to blog that, but then I realized, for most of us, defending IT decisions is nothing new.  The blogs have actually been talking about this a bit over the last week...with some very good comments spun out of the e-Pro article on being a Notes evangelist.

Given that defending Lotus Notes in the market is one of my primary jobs, it's time to start taking defense to offense.  There's no reason not to -- the Lotus and Workplace story is all good.  Of any time in the last few years, now is not the time to be fending off "Notes is dead" discussions.  And yet we are.

So, I'm curious, if you have been through this defense cycle recently, what's worked for you and what hasn't?  What do you think IBM and IBM partners should be doing to help with defense in Lotus customers?  I suspect these questions will raise a lively discussion.  Given that, I'm going to be a bit more permissive than normal about anonymous comments, though I'd really rather you identify yourself.  Also, please be specific, and remember, "more advertising" and "Lotus marketing sucks" are not useful answers.

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