D-Orkut D-ecomposing

October 2 2005

The other day when I wondered whether/when Google's gmail service would come out of beta, it was pointed out to me that "perpetual beta" seems to be the name of their game.  Well there's another Google-owned site that seems to be falling into disarray, or at least, being taken in directions probably unintended.

I haven't even logged into Orkut in months.  There was a period about a year ago where it buzzed through the Lotus community like a virus...everyone created our profiles and then said "now what?"  While other social networks like LinkedIn and OpenBC have at least had some value in a business context, Orkut's value seemed a little less clear.  And thus, we all pretty much ignored it.

The other day, I got an e-mail that someone had written a "scrap" for me on Orkut.  Well that prompted my curiosity, and for the first time since March, I signed in.  Wow, I'm sure glad I checked this out:
Image:D-Orkut D-ecomposing
clicking on the monkey took me to a spam-ish page in Portuguese...no idea what that was about.  It's all gone now.

It looks to me like Brasil has taken over Orkut.  The Notes/Domino Professionals community now has 229 members -- including people who clearly think Lotus is a flower or a sportscar.  I had friends requests from people I've never heard of, and read postings that -- in English or Portuguese -- had no real value to me.

So, I've deleted my Orkut presence.  I'm sure someone is getting some value out of it, somewhere, but it isn't me.

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