We held a design review for Alloy, the IBM/SAP integration solution for Notes, a couple of weeks ago at our Massachusetts Labs.  Darren Duke was one of the partners in attendance, and he summarized the meeting -- and the solution benefits of Alloy -- quite well:

So what is Alloy? Well basically Alloy is a (somewhat) extensible  framework for surfacing SAP workflows (approvals, rejections, etc) and/or SAP reports via the Lotus Notes 8.0.2 and higher standard client. "Workflows? But Darren, Notes does that already!". Well yes, it does. But if an organization also uses SAP chances are there are far more business critical workflow processes controlled by SAP than there are in Domino. To show you the value of Alloy I'm going to talk money. Money your company can save. Money they can re-proposition to other projects, like XPages. Money they may give you a raise with! How does that sound? Thought so.....
Darren goes into some scenarios where Alloy can add value today, and even more importantly, where it could be extended or customized to do even more.  He also mentions a series of workflows for Alloy which have been posted on OpenNTF.org, including invoice approval, hiring approval, etc.

If you are an SAP shop and use Notes, you owe it to your organization to check out Alloy.  In the customers I've met with, when we can get both SAP people and Notes people in the room, the lightbulbs definitely go on, quickly.

Link: Darren Duke: Introducing Lotus Alloy - if your company uses SAP you NEED to see Alloy >

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