From the PlanetLotus click-through stats, it seems like a lot of you saw Darren's blog entry on this, but it's a discussion worth repeating.

So over the past few days Vince and I have migrated a customer back to Domino. They used to be Domino but sometime before STS got involved with them they had migrated mail away to Exchange and left Domino as an apps and CRM platform.

Anyway they are now back using Domino for mail and I decided to do a comparison over the much hyped disk space savings I have heard tossed about on the wibbly wobbly web, by customers, by colleagues and by competitors. Guess what? Exchange is no better and with the new R8.0.1+ compression Domino is slightly better. I tested on a 2.6GB Exchange mail box, ran the DUS conversion from Exchange to Domino, compacted as outlined in the previous link and now the mail file is 2.1GB.
Then, add DAOS and pull out the attachments in Domino 8.5, and we know that the mailboxes will be smaller yet.  And you could turn on single copy template (a Domino 6+ feature) to further reduce duplication in the mail directory.

Add it all up and it would make a pretty good silver bullet -- migrate Exchange mail to Domino 8.5 and save 40% on disk space.  Where is that GEICO gecko (link is not a rick roll)...I might need a new spokesperson....

Link: Darren Duke: Mail file size Domino vs Exchange....and the winner is..... >

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