Useful context for why Lotus Symphony is in market...

For its part, IBM sees Symphony as much more than a tool for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. According to Doug Heintzman, director of strategy for IBM collaboration products and Lotus, "Symphony is not just an editing suite; it's one piece of a much larger strategy."

That strategy involves directly challenging Microsoft in the office productivity market. "We looked at the landscape dominated by one monopolistic vendor and saw an opportunity for a free alternative. This is, frankly, an effort to commoditize a space overdue for commoditization." explains Heintzman. ...

Heintzman believes that these types of features are the tip of the iceberg in changing the way people view and use office productivity software. "The time has come for a next-generation paradigm. The next big paradigm that follows the Office paradigm will unleash users' creativity in a new way."
Consistent with the messages delivered in the US Lotusphere Comes to You events...I will debrief on San Francisco sometime in the next day or two.

Link: Datamation: IBM Lotus Symphony Upsets Well-Known Rivals >

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