David Berlind, triggered by some of the coverage coming out of the Collaborative Technologies Conference last week, analyzes what "collaboration" really means in today's technology terms...

When you strip collaboration down to its bare essence, you have people, you have some record of their collaboration (eg: documents), and generally, there's some way of letting those who are collaborating know when something has happened or is about to happen (notification).  The problem was, and to a large extent, still is that there are different and proprietary systems and protocols to technologically support all the activities associated with collaboration.
Berlind's article covers a lot of history in this space, not all of it recognizing the kind of collaboration people have done in Notes for the last fifteen years.  He ultimately comes around to this:
So, leave it to some incredibly open minded people... to come up with freely available standards-based technologies that not only have the idea of formal and informal collaboration baked right in, but that take a far lighter weight approach.  The results? What I think amount to the new intranet.
The article then covers a bunch of stuff about what wikis can do for organizations, based on some of the implementations in-market today.  I would have hoped for some indication, since Notes is mentioned in the article, that things Dominoblog and DominoWiki help blend these worlds, but of course that's my own view of the world.

Still, if RSS, blogs, wikis, are all the tools for today's lightweight intranet, Domino is very well-positioned.  Especially with 7.0.2.

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