David recognizes what some of the challenges have been over the years with Notes as a collaboration environment:

I saw IT departments effectively emaciate Lotus Notes by insisting that Notes applications be developed by a centralized team and driven by a rigorous functional specification. This was not the way to develop Notes applications - it curtailed its widespread use and ensured the development of unusable applications.  ...

[G]iven their way most IT departments will try to kill social computing in the same way they did for Notes.
He recognizes that this is not a technology problem:
It reminds me also that the main feature of a Wiki is that documents can be edited online by multiple people. This causes some people a lot of heartache as no one person is "in control". And causes IT departments more heartache than most. Lotus Notes first shipped in 1989, almost 20 years ago and one of its major features was the ability to edit shared documents. The "problem" is not new! In fact its not a problem at all - its the major benefit!
Link: David Gurteen: Don't let the IT department stifle Social Computing as they did Lotus Notes! >

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