David Jones discusses how he addressed Notes client performance perception issues...

It's been about a year since we got them on a Domino server and we probably have about 25-30 users on the Notes client now - mostly within the last month. It's a newspaper so they deal with a lot of attachments and we heard a lot of complaints on Notes being slow and how it becomes useless when sending an email (because of the slow connection they have and they have to wait for the email to send before being able to do anything). In hindsight, it would have been better to have a Notes server at their physical location but being locked into those i5 520s, can't really do that now.

Yesterday my boss, the IT Manager...and I went to the newspaper and configured most of the clients with some settings that should increase the performance. The changes are simple and the user works off of a local replica of their mail instead of the server.
Hundreds of Notes deployments have hundreds of different ways of optimizing client configurations for low-bandwidth environments.  David has come up with some common ones -- run off a local replica, use a local directory for typeahead, etc.  Do you have others?

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