December 7

December 9 2010

I had this blog entry queued up and ready to go on Tuesday, but needed to get the link for the Domino Express clustering announcement before posting.  For some reason, that announcement turned out to be a bit of a needle in a haystack -- yes, I understand the challenge for customers/partners when I myself can't find stuff -- but I have the link now.  So...

Hey, Lotus Notes is 21 today!  Whoo-hoo!  Enjoying the various comments on the Lotus Notes Facebook page, Twitter, etc.  

And yes today we have the official announcement of entitlement to clustering in Domino Collaboration Express:

Today, IBM® announces the availability of Lotus® Domino® clustering technology for Domino Collaboration Express® in response to customer demand. Lotus Domino clustering technology helps Lotus Domino Collaboration Express customers to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.
With this new focus, Lotus Domino Collaboration Express customers can use Lotus Domino clustering technology to create a single replica pair for each Lotus Notes® and Domino mail file and application. Combined with recent Lotus Domino capabilities, the Domino Express family of offerings provides a cost efficient and comprehensive messaging and collaboration solution that achieves benefits enjoyed by larger organizations.
Good stuff.  Was nice to see some of the blogger comments about the 21st birthday for Notes as well.  Few other software products anywhere have had the kind of staying power that Lotus Notes has.  And we're already hard at work on what the 20s will look like for our favorite child.

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