Nice job by Declan Lynch to pick up the "Anything you can do, I can do better" thought.  On his blog, Declan writes about a Notes mail template  modification that he's done to add a "voting button" metaphor to Notes.  This is a feature of Microsoft Outlook, and apparently soon a feature of the OpenNTF mail template.

Image:Declan adds Outlook-like voting buttons to Notes

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  1. 1  Bruce Elgort |

    Vince and I will work with Declan to get this stiched into version 1.7 of the OpenNTF Mail Experience template.

    You can download the OpenNTF Mail Template here:

    { Link }

  1. 2  Ted |

    Yes Lotus Notes doesn't have email voting "yet". I am pushing for it and feel free to comment on my site.

    { Link }

    As for email voting, this is available is Workplace Messaging.

  1. 3  ajanta  |

  1. 4  ajanta  |

    hi i would like to learn more on this topic. can u help me out. i m not able to access the blog links as i have websense in network.



  1. 5  Tina Gupton http://None |

    Can anybody tell me what I need to do to add voting buttons to Lotus 7.0? Somebody at work said he has seen that. I used to be an outlook user and really miss that feature VERY MUCH in lotus, as well as many other things like coloting the calendar in differnt colors, sharing a calendar and so forth.

  1. 6  Steve  |

    The question needs to be asked - why are we expected to customise the mailfile to achieve this.

    *It should've been be included as default out-of-the-box years ago*

    How did this miss the Notes SE build?

    How can you compete with 'the darker side' if you can't supply the same feature sets?

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