Great find, Declan:

A new application has appeared on the iPhone App Store that claims to download your Lotus Notes calendar to your iPhone without having to use DWA UltraLight. ...
The application is called NotesCal and costs $2.99 to purchase.
Now, in the comments, the application's author, Jimmy Mooney, comes along to explain some of its current limitations:
Additionally - it is a standalone app. The SDK will not currently allow you to access a user's calendar. You can be sure as soon as it does this will move from a standalone app to a conduit for syncing your Notes Calendar to your phone.

Lastly - unfortunately it is only one-way right now. I'm working on additional agent scripts that will allow for event creation and updating.
Jimmy confirms right there what I've been saying for six months -- the iPhone SDK doesn't let anyone -- not Jimmy Mooney, not IBM -- access the iPhone calendar application.

Still, for $3, this sounds like a useful additional tool for calendar access, and it's great to see something Notes-related show up on the iPhone's App Store.

Link: Declan Lynch: Get your notes calendar on the iPhone without DWA >

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