Quick trip to Detroit today, where I had 75 minutes on the agenda of the Detroit Notes Professionals meeting.  I last met with this user group in August, 2003, but today's turnout was bigger than that last visit.  My presentation, which I'll post somewhere in the next few days, covered near-term plans in Notes/Domino 7 (including the SAP integration, blog/RSS template, and other 7.0.x features) and an update on "Hannover".  In some ways, this group got a preview of the presentations I'll use next week at Admin2006 and the week after at DNUG/IBM Lotus Technical Forum.  Thankfully, they were nice about the fact that some of the slides were brand new to me.

To the question that was asked about the upcoming SAP integration and whether an SAP client needs to be installed, I found the answer in reviewing draft FAQs on the flight home...no, we install the necessary code to connect the Notes client to the SAP back-end.  I'll be blogging more about this in the coming days.

Thanks to Mike Sobczak for the invite, Rob Wunderlich for technical assistance (and prompting a good question about the Workplace Managed client's position vis-a-vis "Hannover"), and the rest of y'all for great discussion.  Oh, and for those who were wondering about Plazes showing me at a pizza place before the meeting, well, I was drafting on free wifi in a parking lot down the street....shhhhhh.....

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