While this news probably doesn't affect anyone outside of Germany directly, I do think it's useful to highlight for two reasons -- 1) the importance of integration between Notes/Domino and other messaging-related technologies/implementations and 2) the speed with which IBM was able to do this (notably, faster than Microsoft).

Earlier this month, the Deutsche Post (German Post Office) announced the integration of Lotus Notes with E-Postbrief. Notes users can send secure mail utilizing various Deutsche Post services, such as registered letters. The press release says (cleaned up Google translate):

The now-completed integration allows employees of companies and administrations to quickly, easily and securely send and receive important letters from their familiar email client, which is attached to the E-Postbrief Gateway. It is even possible to register the delivery in the electronic mail software.

German publication IT Director covered the story, stating (cleaned up Google translate):
To accomplish the integration, IBM has expanded the mail application design of groupware elements for the e-mail letter and provides these extensions to the current German-language version of Notes. The actual delivery of the e-mail letter is an interface between the Domino server, the client and the e-Postbrief.
Link: Deutsche Post: Deutsche Post und IBM kooperieren beim E-Postbrief [German Post and IBM cooperate with E-Postbrief] >

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