Did I swing and miss?

November 30 2010

Not the reaction I expected.

Yesterday I announced that we will add clustering to Domino Collaboration Express in 2011.  I've been trial-ballooning the concept in various ways for the last few months, and the feedback has been positive about addressing this long-standing license restriction.  

Until the comment feedback, I really had not heard that the other restrictions on Domino Collaboration Express were really such big issues.  Clustering was the thing I was always hearing about.

Some history: The Domino Express products are the only IBM Express offerings in the Lotus brand.  They've been successful, and strengthen the long-standing relationship with small and medium businesses for Notes and Domino products.  When they were introduced, they had to meet certain IBM internal criteria for how you offer an Express product, including a requirement for technical differentiation.

Thus there are limitations on the Express offering, not just that it is only available to companies with 1000 or fewer employees.

The announcement around clustering was intended to shift away from the historical technical limitation.  In all of the discussion leading up to the decision, I honestly didn't think that the other restrictions were big deals.  Obviously, from the "thanks but" feedback yesterday, they still are.

My team and I are discussing if there is more we can do here.  This is why blogging remains a valuable tool as a vehicle to connect to the marketplace -- we get immediate feedback, in this case, even before the official announcement.  So thank you.

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