My blogging will likely be sparse over the next few days, as I'm taking the first half of the upcoming week as vacation. Yes, I know it's the week of Microsoft TechEd, and I'm obviously very sad not to be there.  Don't worry, there are plenty of Loti attending to examine the latest news and updates from TechEd, and I'll be tracking it during my travels.

On Monday, I'll be in Washington DC for a very different kind of event.  My father, Ralph Brill, is a law professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law.  In fact, he's the senior member of the faculty there, having taught at Kent since 1961.  This year, the school and the legal community have bestowed several forms of recognition on my dad for his achievements over those 45 years.  About six weeks ago, the law school kicked off a campaign for its first ever endowed "chair" (no, it's not made of oak or maple, or even one of those kewl Herman-Miller Aeron thingys that I'd sure like to have).  At about the same time, the winners of the 2006 Burton Awards for Legal Achievement were announced.  My father is this year's award winner for outstanding contributions to legal writing education.  The award will be given during a black-tie dinner at the US Library of Congress, featuring George Will as guest speaker.

As surreal as it often feels to be a sort of pseudo-celebrity within the Lotus community, experiencing all this recognition for my father is something of a much bigger deal.  For many years, it's been a standard occurance to be out to dinner, or a Cubs game, or even shopping at the mall, and run into some of the 8000 former students of Professor Brill.  So to see him recognized before the who's who of the legal community on Monday is going to be a real treat.

From Washington, I'm actually flying back to Chicago (have to return the tuxedo rental LOL) before journeying on to Dublin, where I'll spend the rest of the week.  Looking forward to seeing so many friends and familiar faces in what some are calling a Lotusphere reunion built around an impressive User Group event.  The timing of all of this couldn't be better.

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