So I ran into a [former?] customer at O'Hare this evening.  My flight was about to board, so we only had a few minutes to chat.  His company made a decision about 18 months ago to migrate from Notes to Exchange.  It was a merger/acquisition scenario, and though team IBM and our partners tried hard, there was no way to turn it around.

The customer's comment tonight?  I'll paraphrase.  He said that the migration has not gone well.  The architects "completely underestimated how tightly Notes was woven into our company's communications".  Overpromise and underdeliver, as often happens in these cases.

I've got another upcoming meeting where I believe that to be the case, too.  Perhaps instead of working hard to get public references of companies that moved from Exchange to Domino (which we have had several recent wins), I should also be looking for people who would be references for migrations which failed or were more disruptive (time / money / organizationally) than expected.  Those are really hard to come by -- who wants to admit on the record that they made a bad decision?  Perhaps there are some out there who would do so, realizing they could prevent someone else from encountering the same challenges and pain.

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