April 10 2008

Part of the reason for playing with Dopplr the other day was to get a better picture of my upcoming travel.  I think the event schedule for the next seven weeks or so is pretty well set...after that, it's anybody's guess right now.  Here's the list of upcoming events, including some new updates:

  • Lotusphere Comes to You:  Milwaukee, April 17; Ottawa, April 23; May 6, Lisboa; May 8, Istanbul; May 20, Toronto
  • Admin 2008: Boston, May 1-2
  • Deutsche Notes Users Group: Bremen, June 4 -- This is new news, basically coming down to finding a flight routing from Bremen to Dublin on the night of the 4th
  • Irish Lotus Users Group: Dublin, June 5/6
  • IBM PSM Seminars (invitation only): Chicago, April 22; Kansas City, May 21

There are many other interesting events over the next eight weeks, and I wish I could attend more of them....

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